How to Play Mobile Legends Offline

A lot of players are curious about how to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) offline without an internet connection or data. The game is set to be a live service but it can also still be played by players without a network connection. However, there will be limitations when you play Mobile Legends offline. Players can only play with AI (Artificial Intelligence) bots and winning matches will not count towards your in-game achievements. Nonetheless, playing the game even without an internet connection can be convenient if you simply wish to practice or pass the time while on the road. Here is a quick guide on how to play Mobile Legends offline.

How to play Mobile Legends in offline mode?

Players can play Mobile Legends offline by following the steps below;

  • Disable your WIFI or data connection in your mobile device.

  • Open the Mobile Legends app and let it load.

  • A prompt will appear that says “Do you want to enter Offline Mode?”

  • Simply select “Confirm” to continue playing the game without the internet or data.

The game will allow you to play only against AI bots through Classic game mode. All the skins you own can also be used while playing Mobile Legends offline. This means you can still enjoy the game using your favorite in-game skins if you wish.

The in-game settings can still be changed despite being in offline mode. It can be found at the top right part of the main menu before you select a game mode. However, most of the options will not be accessible until you have access to an internet connection.

Players should keep in mind that achievements, rank leaderboards, and other game modes like arcade and custom games cannot be accessed when playing Mobile Legends offline. Friends list will also not show up and you can only play solo and cannot invite other people by any means.