How to Set Invisible Name in CODM

Having an invisible name in CODM (Call of Duty: Mobile) is one of the creative ways players can intimidate their opponents in matches. Having a blank name also adds mystery to your identity as a player which might also make it harder for other players to stalk your profile or match history. While it is impossible to have an Invisible name in CODM through normal means, there is a workaround. However, if players have already registered their in-game name, changing it may require COD Points. Here is a guide for players who are curious about how to have an invisible name in CODM.

How to set Blank or Invisible name using copy and paste in CODM

Here is how you can set your name to blank or invisible using copy and paste in COD Mobile;

  • Tap on your profile icon at the top left corner of the screen.

  • Tap on the “Pencil” or edit icon beside your in-game nickname

  • Copy this “¬¤¬    ” without the parenthesis

  • Make your own combination of the symbols (up to 14 characters in length) above until you can find one that is not yet used by other players.

  • Register your new name once you have found a unique combination.

Once your name has been changed, you will see your IGN(in game name) as a bunch of symbols. However, players will see your name as blank or invisible in CODM matches.

Keep in mind that changing your name will cost around 500 COD Points depending on which server you are playing. Names can only be changed once every three days.

Aside from having an invisible name, players can also choose to select from a list of the . There are hundreds of stylish names to choose from which may add an intimidating factor to your account in the game.