How to Unlock All Legends in Apex Legends Mobile for Free

Apex Legends Mobile has launched with a total of ten playable characters or legends players can unlock and level up. There are currently two Recon legends, one Support legend, two Defensive legends and five Offensive legends. There are different ways in which players can unlock all legends currently in the game. All the legends previously featured in the PC version of Apex Legends can be unlocked simply through Level Rewards at different tiers. However, the mobile exclusive legend Fade can only be unlocked through levelling up the free Battlepass track at level 25 or by purchasing the game’s premium currency called Apex Coins.

How to Unlock Legends in Apex Legends Mobile through rewards

Respawn Entertainment is giving players the opportunity to pick up Rookie login and mission rewards that includes legends like Mirage for free for the next 11 days. As mentioned before, all legends except the mobile exclusive Fade can be currently unlocked through Level Rewards. Here are the tiers at which players can unlock all legends added to Apex Legends mobile from the PC version:

  • Lifeline – Level 2

  • Bangalore – Level 3

  • Pathfinder – Level 4

  • Gibraltar – Level 6

  • Wraith – Level 15

  • Caustic – Level 20

  • Mirage – Level 24

If players miss unlocking Mirage through Rookie Login rewards, they can always unlock him at Level 24. As of now, there is no way to buy the original legends using premium currency but Respawn has said it will let players buy legends with Legendary Fragments or Syndicate Gold after the Battlepass season. Players who unlocked legends during beta testing get to keep their legends.

How to unlock Apex Legends Mobile exclusive Fade

Players can level up the free battlepass to level 25 or get a premium currency top-up to get access to the newest legend. Note that while the Season currency and Apex Coins look very similar, players can only earn the Season currency. Apex Coins are the game’s premium currency which can only be obtained through top-ups.


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