How to Unlock Daily Missions and Rewards in Honkai: Star Rail

How to Unlock Daily Missions and Rewards in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail has limited sources of Stellar Jade and once you clear all of the content, daily missions serve as reliable sources of the premium currency. Unlike Genshin Impact where you have to do multiple missions daily, Honkai: Star Rail dailies allow you to get your daily stash of Stellar Jade much quicker. 

You get access to random quests which can range from using a consumable to performing specific actions during combat and they reward you with Trailblaze EXP, Stellar Jade and other resources. If you have not unlocked the Daily Missions in Honkai Star Rail already, here’s how you can get access to them.

How to unlock daily missions in Honkai Star Rail

To unlock daily missions in Honkai Star Rail you need to level up your account to Trailblaze Level 11 and the Hide and Seek quest. Once you fulfill both requirements you will get a notification that the Daily Training tab is open under the Assignments section. You can complete any combination of daily activities to reach 500 points which will give you all the rewards.

Honkai Star Rail Daily Mission rewards

The rewards from the Daily Missions are as follows: 

Completing your Daily Missions is very important if you want to get more characters on your account. The game gives you 60 Stellar Jade per day for clearing the Daily Missions and you will also earn the premium currency from Forgotten Hall (Memory of Chaos), Simulated Universe, events, maintenance compensation and daily check-in rewards.

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