How to Unlock Doug in Brawl Stars? All Methods Explained

Brawl Stars continues to move ahead into the second month of Season 19 Enchanted Woods, which released on 3rd July. The game has now introduced its second new brawler Doug who is a dinosaur armed with a hotdog.

The support class, mythic brawler, follows the release of Cordelius and features base stats that reflect high health, fast movement, and huge damage output that deals with enemies in an area of effect.

Doug was released on 1st August and the community is excited to get their hands on him. Unfortunately, the brawler is locked by default for all the players and can only be used during practice.

Here are all possible ways of unlocking Doug in Brawl Stars, so you can start playing with him and possibly make it your main support class brawler.

All Methods to Unlock Doug in Brawl Stars: Complete Details

Officially, there are two ways to unlock Doug in Brawl Stars and players can opt for anyone depending on factors like do they want to play with the brawler immediately, whether they are ready to pay for the brawler, do they want to get the brawler for free, and other such aspects.

  1. Purchasing Doug Using Gems

  2. Grinding Doug Through Starr Road

Like most brawlers that are introduced to the game, Doug is available to all players for direct purchase via the in-game currency Gems.

The ever-smiling dinosaur is available for 349 Gems which is the fixed cost of every Mythic Rarity brawler and roughly translates to about $20 USD (INR 1,655).

How to Buy Doug Using Gems in Brawl Stars?

  1. Players first need to open Brawl Stars.

  2. Then click on the ‘Brawlers’ option available on the left side of the main menu.

  3. A whole list of brawlers will pop up. Now, scroll to find Doug and then simply pay the amount.

  4. Confirm the purchase and start playing with the new brawler.

For all those that do not want to play with Doug immediately upon release, or do not have the required funds available to make the required purchase, can also grind the brawler through the Starr Road.

To unlock Doug which is a Mythic Rarity brawler a fixed cost of 1900 Credits will be required, which is actually equivalent to 349 Gems.

Credits are a type of in-game currency that only function as part of the Starr Road, helping players in unlocking various brawlers for free. They cannot be purchased using real currency and can only be earned either through the battle pass or by completing certain challenges.

How to Get Doug Using Credits in Starr Road?

  1. Players first need to open Brawl Stars.

  2. Then click on the ‘Starr Road’ option available on the left side of the main menu.

  3. A list will pop up showing which brawler is currently being unlocked and how many Credits have been earned by the player.

  4. Players can simply choose the option of switching these Credits over to Doug.

  5. Once done, players will have to earn the difference and upon reaching the required amount Doug will be unlocked.

Keep in mind that for a limited time, Doug can be unlocked for only 950 Credits in Brawl Stars. This is a 50% discount as this is a new brawler but if you miss this opportunity the price will go back to the full amount.

These are the two methods through which Doug and many other upcoming brawlers can be unlocked in Brawl Stars. It is solely up to an individual to decide which way suits them the best, depending on factors like how soon they want to acquire the new brawler and whether they are willing to pay for it or not.