How To Unlock Igniter BR Class In COD Mobile Season 8

How To Unlock Igniter BR Class In COD Mobile Season 8

Call of Duty: Mobile Train to Nowhere season 8 has gone live across servers. The new season brings the new Igniter BR class along with a new multiplayer map, a new perk, and the Operation: Spy Hunt themed event. The season also introduced two new weapons; the Butterfly Knife and ZRG 20mm bolt-action sniper rifle to the game. Let’s look at the new battle royale defense class and how to unlock it in COD Mobile Season 8.

How to Unlock Igniter BR Class in Call of Duty: Mobile

The Igniter battle royale class is currently available in the Train to Nowhere (Season 8) battle pass. You can unlock Igniter by levelling up your battle pass to tier 14. Note that players do not need to buy the premium battle pass to unlock the Igniter BR class, it is part of the free pass. All you need to do is earn battle pass XP by completing daily challenges and event missions. Alternatively, you can spend 2000 credits to unlock each tier of the battle pass. This means you’ll have to spend a total of 28,000 COD Mobile credits to unlock the new Igniter BR class.

New Igniter Class Explained

The Igniter BR class comes with two abilities and is considered a defensive class in COD Mobile due to one of them. The Igniter’s abilities are as follows:

Players using the Igniter class’ abilities will be able to lay down flaming tar traps that burn and slow enemy operators who enter the ring of fire. These traps last for several seconds each, andd are perfect for blocking off access to certain locations and near choke points. It can be used to attempt a clean getaway or hold a position against rushing enemies.The Igniter’s cannot be damaged or slowed by their own traps, and they additionally gain added resistance to fire and explosive damage.


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