How to Use Razor Gold in Mobile Legends

How to Use Razor Gold in Mobile Legends

“How to use Razor Gold in Mobile Legends?” is arguably one of the most frequent queries made by players who want to top up in-game diamonds. This premium currency can be used to buy the Starlight Subscription, hero skins, and other in-game materials and cosmetics, among other goods and services. There are, however, fake websites that attempt to scam unwary players by obtaining their personal data and using it for nefarious activities. Beware of these frauds and only buy from reliable, legitimate sites like Razor Gold and Codashop. 

Here is a quick guide on how to use Razor Gold in Mobile Legends and top-up in-game diamonds.

How to use Razor Gold in Mobile Legends 2023

Using Razor Gold in Mobile Legends to purchase diamonds is a simple task to accomplish thanks to its step-by-step instructions. Simply adhere to these guidelines to properly buy diamonds for the game;

1. Head to the official website of Razor Gold. Take note that the website may vary according to each country.

2. Search for Mobile Legends from the list or by using the Search Bar

3. Provide your User and Zone ID which can be found in your Mobile Legends profile.

4. Input your E-mail address in order to receive your purchase receipt.

5. Select the number of diamonds you want to purchase.

6. Select your payment options from the list provided on the website. Take note that prices may vary depending on the region and the payment option selected.

7. Click on the “CHECKOUT” button and follow the instruction provided by Razor Gold to complete the transactions.

If you have a promo code from various promotions hosted by Razor Gold, you can input it before checking out your purchase. Logging in to the website before purchasing diamonds will also earn you Razer Silver coins which can be exchanged for various freebies.

The Mobile Legends diamonds will be sent to your account within five minutes. For any concerns, you can contact .


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