Hrishav Expresses Frustration Over Internal Politics in BGMI Scrims

Hrishav Expresses Frustration Over Internal Politics in BGMI Scrims

Hydra Esports’ popular content creator Hrishav “Hrishav” Kumar recently expressed his frustration about the internal politics in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) scrims. Hrishav stated that despite having achievements and being a deserving team, the scrim organizers are not giving Hydra Esports a slot in the scrims. He explained that when he tried to approach the scrim organizers to discuss the situation, there was a lack of transparency in team selection, and some organizers also ignored him.

Hrishav speaks out about Hydra Esports’ exclusion from BGMI scrims

Hydra Esports has been recently struggling to secure a slot in BGMI Tier-1 practice scrims despite having performed well in the last few official BGMI events. In a recent livestream, a viewer told Hrishav that he should do something to let the team play in Tier-1 scrims. Responding to this, Hrishav stated that it was not up to him and went on to explain the situation. He mentioned that in the pro scrims that took place the day before, Hydra Esports did not receive a slot. Although a player from the team Criminal was asked if he wanted to play and was added to the group, he was removed from the group the following day and informed that their team did not have a slot.

Hrishav stated that when he discussed the situation with the scrims organizers, they informed him that Hydra Esports was not given a slot because it did not have a playing four. However, Hrishav emphasized that this was not the case, as the team had been playing for a long time. He further added that he was not approached by anyone regarding this matter, and he was certain that neither the organization owner Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant, nor the manager DANGER had been contacted about it.

Hrishav noted that when he approached the organizer Upthrust Esports (UE) to inquire about it, he was told that slots were being given on the basis of achievements, and he was asked which players were on the team. “The guy who I was talking with was Ravan from UE. He later told me that he wasn’t managing the scrims. I messaged the guy who was managing the scrims named Grunt, but he isn’t replying,” he added.

Following this, Hrishav expressed his frustration with the team selectors. He pointed out that organizations seem to be getting slots without much transparency or fairness and that, despite their own achievements, Hydra Esports was not given a slot in the recent scrims. Hrishav highlighted that other top teams like 8bit, Team SouL, and Team MAVI had all received slots, yet Hydra Esports was left out. “I don’t understand what type of management is this, what is going on, what is this internal politics. We don’t get a straight answer either,” he added.

on multiple occasions. However, unfortunately, the team has not found a solution yet. It will be interesting to see how Hydra Esports will overcome this problem.


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