Hrishav Talks About Hydra Esports New BGMI Lineup

The re-launch of BGMI has rekindled the competitive spark across India’s gaming industry. Organizations both old and new have joined the fray of announcing rosters that are brimming with BGMI talent. However, Hydra has remained an exception in the lot that is still in deep waters when it comes to future endeavors in the BGMI competitive space. However, on his latest livestream popular Hydra Esports content creator Hrishav “Hrishav” Kumar, mentioned that the plans for the new boot camp are in motion and fans will get to know more details pretty soon.

Hrishav Shares Details About Hydra’s Plans With BGMI

“I’m not sure if I should share this but Dynamo is shifting to a new residence. So he’s busy day in and out.” said Hrishav. This made it clear to fans why Dynamo has been absent from sharing details of Hydra’s latest operations. 

Recently, that might be upon us in a matter of months. Considering the fact that Skyesports have already hosted BGMI tournaments with prize pools of up to INR 28 Lakhs, fans already have major expectations. Pointing to this, a follower on Hrishav’s live chat claimed that Hydra doesn’t have a stable lineup that is capable of bringing any impact there.