Hrishav Talks About Issues Faced by Hydra Esports’ BGMI Roster

Hydra Esports’ BGMI Team Forays Into New State Mobile

Hydra Esports’ popular content creator Hrishav “Hrishav” Kumar recently spoke about the issues faced by the organization’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) roster. Hrishav stated that the problems emerged after the game got banned and clarified that he did not remove Hydra Esports’ in-game leader (IGL) Dynamite. He further explained that the players’ behavior changed after the game’s ban, which led Hydra Esports’ Danger to stop paying attention to the team.

Hrishav explains the difficulties faced by Hydra Esports’ BGMI team

Hydra Esports’ BGMI roster has been facing some issues recently. The team had not been playing together for a long time and was also absent from a few practice scrims. Notably, . In a recent livestream, one of Hrishav’s viewers told him that the issues started arising when Hrishav started managing the team. Responding to this, Hrishav stated that it did not matter whether he or Danger managed the team. He further explained that when Danger picked the team, the game was available, and the players received proper salaries and support. “The problems emerged after the game got banned. Earlier, the game was available, but it isn’t now. That’s why players are having issues. You know, people tend to go where they get more. People try to manipulate,” he added.

Hrishav further clarified that he did not remove Dynamite from the team. “Tell me one thing; have I ever or would I ever remove someone from the team? Never. Not only me; no one from Hydra would do that. If someone is good and right, why would anyone remove them? This is all you are thinking,” he said.

He stated that he had managed the team alone for two years and brought in underdog players who are now in a good place. Hrishav further explained that he used to manage everything for the players by himself, including providing them with ID Passwords for custom rooms.

Hrishav questioned the viewers why Danger was not paying enough attention to the team. He then explained that the players’ behavior was the primary reason for this. “It is happening because of the ban. It won’t change if I or Danger or some other manager says something. Because they are doing such things,” he added.


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