Huniepop 2 – How to use Smoothies to increase the affection stats?

Huniepop 2

Huniepop 2 If you are wondering what is smoothie, how it impacts the game, and How to Use Smoothies to Increase the Affection Stats, then you are going to be thrilled to learn about Huniepop2.

Newbie Players often face obstacles when they start to date. They have a lot of questions, like which girl to date and how you can get more girls. And one of the crucial things in Huniepop is the affection stats. Players don’t know how to increase the affection stats. Don’t worry you are at the right place. We will guide you on How to Use  Smoothies to Increase the Affection Stats.

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What are the Smoothies?

Huniepop 2
Huniepop 2

Huniepop 2 is a virtual dating app, in which you can date any girl. Huniepop2 is an adult game developed by HuniePot. The huniepop2 is the sequel of the huniepop. The game is released with the double dating feature. You can have two girls at the same time. Enough about the game, let’s us know about the smoothies and what their role is.

What are Smoothies?

Smoothies include all the edible items, such as chocolates, truffles, Candy necklaces, and normal candy. Smoothies include all the eatables, which will build the stamina of the girl.

You can offer these to your dates. Well, it’s better to use because if the smoothies are not used for long then Smoothies will be spoiled.

Smoothies are divided into four categories. These are names after color and are classified based on the trait. Have a look :

  1. Sexuality { Red }
  2. Flirtation { Green }
  3. Romance { Orange }
  4. Talent { Blue }

Smoothies aren’t available for free. To earn the smoothie, you have to win the date. Well, you will not get the smoothie directly. Firstly, you need to buy the smoothie using the Hunie seeds. And these huine seeds are earned by talking to girls and winning dates. We will discuss what are the uses and How to use Smoothies to increase the affection stats.

How to Gift Smoothies to the Girls? 

Smoothies explicitly increase your affection, but it raises the question of How to Gift Smoothies to the girl? 

We will talk about that in this section. Read below to know how you can gift smoothies.

Before that, let’s dive into the term “stamina “. Stamina is referred to as the strength of the girl. For example, if want to offer a smoothie to a girl, then the girl should have the least stamina of 1 Before you make a move, know if she has enough stamina.

How do gift smoothies to the girl?

Gifting a smoothie isn’t that big a deal. All you have to do is visit the inventory and drag the smoothie of your choice. That’s it!

If you are still having an issue, then you can follow the step-by-step guide given below :

  1. To gift the smoothies, first, you have to visit the gift store.
  2. There you will see the available smoothies in your account.
  3. Now, click on the desired smoothie and drag it to the girl. You can choose the smoothie according to your choice. Offer her and you’re done!  

Overall, first, check the stamina of the girl and then offer the smoothie. Jump to the next section and you will know How to use Smoothies to increase the affection stats.

Huniepop 2
Huniepop 2

How to use Smoothies to increase the affection stats. ?

“How to use Smoothies to increase the affection Stats? “Well, affection stats can be increased, but how?

We will discuss all the aspects of affection stats. Let’s know a bit about Affection Stats!

Affection Stats: The affection stat is a metric that shows your affection level when you are going on a date. It’s just one of the metrics which will get you more dates. As Huniepop is a virtual dating app, affection is one of the deciding factors in how many dates you are going to grab.

How do smoothies help you to increase the affection rate?

The concept is simple:  you have to feed 3 or 6 smoothies to any random girls who prefer them. If you can feed the 6 girls,  then,  obviously, there will be an increase in affection stat will be more than of the 3 girls.

This depends on your skills to know girls and their choices. Girls have different tastes and have to find which girl they like the most.

Now, when will your affection is increased? Immediately after feeding the girl or after some time. Let’s understand the concept!

The concept of leveling up is a bit complex. First, know the “ Experience point “. When you feed the smoothies to the girls of their preference, then it increases your 1 experience point. Below is the simple math of smoothies, experience point, and the affection stats :

1 Smoothie = 1 experience point

6 experience point -= Level up in Affection Stats

Therefore, feed smoothies to 3 0r 6 girls to earn 6 experience points which will cause leveling up your Affection point. That’s the entire process of gaining stats and dating more girls.

Facts you should know about the Huniepop2 :

Well, it sounds easy to offer smoothies to girls and earn affection points. You can increase the affection points so easily. No, it’s not that easy!

After level 5, you will see the smoothies in the gift inventory. So, the chances are that you are only going to level up to 5, and after that, increasing smoothies becomes more difficult.

To get more dates, you can follow the preference given in the above section. Here is the list :

  • Lillian, Ashley, and Abia like Sexuality smoothies.
  • Lola, Zoey, and Brook Talent like Talent smoothie
  • Sarah, Candy, and Polly like Filtration smoothies
  • Lailani, Nora, and Jessie like Romance smoothies

If you are new, then going with these smoothies will work for you. Get started with this smoothie and, with experience, you can increase your skills and capabilities.

As you have seen, smoothies can easily increase the Affection stats. We explicitly described How to use Smoothies to increase the affection stats.

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