HVVP wins PMPL European Championship 2022 Fall, three teams qualify for PMGC League


On October 24, 2022, Russian powerhouse HVVP was crowned the champion of the PMPL European Championship Fall 2022. The team parted ways with NAVI right before the PMPL Western Europe finals, and since then, the squad has played under the HVVP banner. The team raked in a total of 275 points, thanks to four Chicken Dinners and 110 eliminations. Interestingly, this particular squad is known as one of the most consistent PUBG Mobile teams in the world. Besides claiming the Championship trophy and the winning prize pool of $40K, they also secured their seat for the upcoming PMGC 2022 League.

4th time EU Champions.Back to back to back to backYou better not miss our PMGC performance, 1st place this year only.

Fire Flux Esports from Turkey showed great composure on the final day with four podium finishes, which got them into second place with 250 points. Claiming four Chicken Dinners, PMPL Western Europe Champion Madbulls displayed calm gameplay to secure the second runner-up spot with 96 kills and 234 points. Along with HVVP, both of these teams are advancing to the upcoming Global Championship.

PMPL European Championship Fall 2022 overall standings

The top three teams will advance to the Global Championship (Image via PUBG Mobile)
The top three teams will advance to the Global Championship (Image via PUBG Mobile)

De Muerte, hailing from the CIS region, was the most aggressive team with a total of 115 kills, but couldn’t claim any Chicken Dinners and had to settle for fourth place. After a bad start, Ozarox Esports from Turkey made a comeback to secure fifth place with 201 points.

One of the stalwarts of Western Europe, Unicorns of Love, were unable to showcase their spark and had to settle for eleventh place. Virtus.pro from CIS, who were previously in great form, had a disappointing showing and were in twelfth place in the overall rankings.

Overall rankings of Europe Championship 2022 Fall (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Overall rankings of Europe Championship 2022 Fall (Image via PUBG Mobile)

MonkeMen froom Qodex was named MVP for his impressive score of 50 kills and around 10k HP in total damage dealt. Unfortunately, his team had to settle for eighth place with only 182 points.

Qualified teams for PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022

The top three teams from this event have now secured their seats for the mega global event, the PMGC 2022 League stage. The teams are:


2. FireFlux (Turkey)

3. Madbulls (CIS)

Teams from the region that have already qualified for PMGC from regional points

Turkish Champion S2G Esports had an average performance as they finished in sixth place with 194 points. The team was far too aggressive, which hampered their placement points. On the other hand, their compatriots, Besiktas Esports, had a poor performance, finishing in 15th spot (second last place) with 112 points.

Unfortunately, Game Lord from France, who qualified for the PMGC 2022 by topping Western Europe PMPL cumulative rankings, failed to qualify for this PMPL Championship event.

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