Hyderabad Hydras Announces Its BGMI Lineup

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most popular battle royale games in India. Ever since the game’s return in May 2023, the esports side of BGMI has been picking up pace and looking lively. There have been numerous official and third-party events invigorating the scene. Esports organizations have been quick to get up to tempo with the current esports landscape in BGMI and have been announcing their rosters. Hyderabad Hydras, one such renowned organization in the Indian gaming and esports community, is now the latest to generate significant excitement as it unveiled its highly anticipated BGMI lineup.

Hyderabad Hydras Unleashes Its BGMI Roster

Led by coach Nishant “iFlicks” Murlidharan, the team’s lineup consists of skilled players who are ready to make their mark in the competitive world of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The lineup consists of the following players: 

  • Gourav “JoKeR” Joshi

  • Hemanth “Ultron” Sethi

  • Adaditya “Doome

  • BopeDope

The Hyderabad Hydras BGMI lineup consists of some notable names in the community. One such player is Hemanth “Ultron” Sethi, who has had a successful career with various organizations including Team 8Bit, Team Soul, Team Celtz, Team XSpark, and Nigma Galaxy. Ultron has achieved significant victories in tournaments such as the PUBG Mobile Pro League – South Asia Season 1 and Loco Gamer League. After the return of the game, he was a part of Team 8Bit but eventually decided to leave and explore new opportunities in esports. He also has a Youtube channel with over 171K subscribers.

Another prominent player in the lineup is Gourav “JoKeR” Joshi, who was previously associated with Team Insidious and Team Inside Out. During his time in Team Inside Out, JoKeR was teamed up with Doome, and together, they showcased impressive performances after the game’s launch. Following this, Doome was a part of Team XSpark. 

BopeDope, another player in the lineup, also made a name for himself through his performances in organizations like Chemin Esports and FutureStation Esports.

Under the guidance of coach iFlicks, the Hyderabad Hydras lineup will be training at its boot camp located in Hyderabad. Furthermore, the team has announced the inclusion of Arun Srikanth Mashettey, known as Achanak Bayanak Gaming, as an exclusive creator. Achanak Bayanak Gaming has a strong presence on social media platforms, with a YouTube channel boasting over 268K subscribers and an Instagram following of over 521K.

iFlicks had also showcased his interest in getting Arshpreet “GiLL” Singh on board. However,  GiLL revealed that he could not since he already joined .

With the announcement of its BGMI lineup, Hyderabad Hydras is gearing up for thrilling tournaments, aiming to leave its mark in the realm of Indian esports. Fans are eager to witness the team’s performance and achievements under this newly formed powerhouse roster.