Hypercharge Ability for All Brawlers in Brawl Stars: Super and Stat Buffs

The latest Brawl Stars Season 20: Back to Ranger Ranch was released on 11th September, introducing plenty of changes and lots of new features for the community to enjoy.

Hypercharge is one such addition to the game that has the potential to alter the fundamentals of Brawl Stars and the way it has been played till date.

The new item is nothing but an amplifier that provides an overall boost to eligible Brawlers while also amplifying their ultimate ability. It is charged the same way a special attack powers up and an additional button has been added to use it.

Here are all the Brawlers for which Hypercharge has been introduced and how exactly this ability helps them in the game.

All Brawler Hypercharge Ability in Brawl Stars: Complete Details

Hypercharge is the new item that is being introduced to Brawl Stars along with Season 20 of the game. The developers are going to roll out this item in phases for all the Brawlers, starting with six who are Shelly, Colt, Bull, Spike, Jacky, and Pearl.

How to Get Hypercharge for Brawlers?

Hypercharge will be unlocked for Brawlers once they reach Power Level 11, after which it can be bought for each one of them individually for 5000 Coins.

Those who want to earn Hypercharge instantly can do so by purchasing the new Collectors Pack for 299 Gems or 9600 Coins. Do keep in mind that if the Brawler level is not maxed out then additional Gems and Coins will be required to upgrade them to the required Power Level 11.

Apart from this, Hypercharge for all eligible Brawlers can also be acquired via Starr Drops, if lucky enough as part of Legendary and Epic drops.

It will be interesting to see how the meta is defined following the release of Brawl Stars Season 20. With each Brawler bringing something new to the table along with this new ability, the possibilities are endless on how they can be used, especially in tandem with the super ability.

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