'I Am Not Sure Who’s….' After Luv Sinha, Brother Kussh Sinha Opens About Rumors Surrounding Their Absence From Sonakshi's Wedding


Sonakshi Sinha’s recent wedding to Zaheer Iqbal has been surrounded by speculation regarding her family’s presence at the ceremony. Amidst reports suggesting that her brothers Luv Sinha and Kussh Sinha were absent, Kussh Sinha has stepped forward to clarify the situation. In an exclusive interview with News18, Kussh debunked these rumors, emphasizing that he was present on his sister’s special day.

Kussh Sinha denies rumours of skipping Sonakshi Sinha's wedding with Zaheer  Iqbal, 'It's just that I am a private individual'

Addressing the misinformation circulating in the media, Kussh expressed dismay over inaccurate reports, attributing them to unreliable sources.

He highlighted his privacy preference, explaining that his absence from public appearances does not equate to his absence from significant family events. Kussh affirmed his unwavering support and good wishes for Sonakshi, describing the period surrounding her wedding as sensitive for their family. In his words,

 “I have already seen people publishing inaccurate information. It started with an article in a leading portal that had a quote by an unnamed source. I am not sure who’s doing all this right now and where it’s coming from. But a few houses have my images [from the night].” He also shared that ‘this is a sensitive time for the family’.

He also added,

“It’s just that I am a private individual and I am not seen that much but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t there. I was present and I have only good wishes for my sister and will always wish her well.” 

Kussh Sinha rejects rumours of skipping sister Sonakshi Sinha's wedding -  India Today

Kussh Sinha rejects rumours of skipping sister Sonakshi Sinha's wedding -  India Today

Sonakshi and Zaheer’s union, following a seven-year relationship, culminated in an intimate ceremony followed by a star-studded reception in Mumbai. The event saw the presence of Bollywood luminaries such as Salman Khan, Rekha, and Vidya Balan. Sonakshi radiated in a resplendent red saree paired with exquisite emerald jewelry, while Zaheer opted for a traditional white kurta and pyjama ensemble.

Reflecting on their journey together, Sonakshi took to social media to share heartfelt sentiments about their enduring love and shared commitment. She expressed gratitude for the blessings from both families and celebrated the beauty of their union.

 “On this very day, seven years back (23.06.2017) in each other’s eyes, we saw love in its purest form and decided to hold on to it.”

She also added,

“Today that love has guided us through all the challenges and triumphs… leading up to this moment… where with the blessings of both our families and both our gods… we are now man and wife. Here’s to love, hope and all things beautiful with each other, from now until forever. Sonakshi Zaheer 23.06.2024.”