“I don’t know myself anymore”: Pokimane doubts her decision of ‘streaming on Twitch’ as a career

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Currently, Twitch is one such streaming platform which has risen in popularity to become a roaring success. Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is a prominent face of Twitch with fan followings in millions and lucrative earnings. Regardless of such great success in her twenties, she is gloomy about choosing streaming as her career from a young age of 17. Pokimane, Twitch, Twitch streaming, OTV Pokimane, LOL Poki, Amouranth, Twitch life, Twitch Career

Pokimane started off really young and made a name for herself by streaming League of Legends and Fortnite. She rose to popularity in the mid-2010s and since then it’s been an upward hike for her in terms of career and fame. However, Twitch sensation Amouranth replaced Poki to top the most-watched ‘female content creator’ category in 2021.

The 25-year-old star feels streaming for the past 8 years hasn’t really offered the opportunity to introspect if she really wanted a career in ‘streaming’. Although she admits streaming has helped her to connect with fans, share her experiences and have fun, she feels she has missed a lot of real-life experiences. She is confused and the thought of her 20s being wasted is affecting her mental health.

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Poki starts thinking about some serious life questions

“The weird thing is I just woke up one day, and I had this immense feeling. I grew up streaming, I started streaming when I was 17 years old. And I never really allowed myself to have a normal life. One day I woke up and “Boom!” I was 25, and I’d never really done the things I had planned to do.” Poki said. She admitted, “I don’t know myself anymore”.

The OfflineTv co-founder admits that streaming has made her feel “static” and lifeless. She said, “I’ve really had to properly rebuild myself. I took a step back and had to figure out where I wanted to be mentally, personality-wise. It’s why I’ve been streaming less, doing more things with people, trying to get a grip on who I am.”

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“I don’t split Imane and Pokimane too much, but I’ve been trying to. I’ll take more breaks, travel more, all that kind of stuff that I think I really need to be doing”, she admitted.

Poki’s fans are really shocked to find out this part of reality as she is so lively and well suited to streaming. Fans are hoping that Poki takes the time she wants and gets the much-needed clarity about her life.

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