I Enjoy Your Downfall”: Richa Chadha Shares A Cryptic Post, And Fans Wonder If It Is Targeted At Sharmin Segal


Richa Chadha has recently sparked intrigue with a cryptic message aimed at toxic colleagues and deceptive individuals. While she didn’t explicitly name anyone, speculation arose, particularly targeting her ‘Heeramandi’ co-star, Sharmin Segal.

Richa Chadha Pens A Cryptic Note For Toxic Co-Workers, 'I Enjoy Your Downfall', Fan Says 'Sharmin..'

Known for her roles like ‘Bholi Punjaban’ in the Fukrey series and more recently as ‘Lajjo’ in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi, Richa took to her Instagram on June 11, 2024, to share a thought-provoking post.

Accompanying a picture with the quote “You started it – Karma,” Richa’s caption addressed a variety of negative traits including scam artists, energy vultures, and toxic coworkers, expressing a desire to disengage rather than revel in their downfall.

Scam artists, energy vultures, beggars, money stealers, liars, toxic coworkers and jealous losers. Hey, I wish I could say I enjoy your downfall. Instead I ask, sorry, who are you again? Drop, block and move on.”

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While Richa Chadha didn’t explicitly name any individuals, netizens swiftly linked her remarks to Sharmin Segal, prompting a flurry of comments on social media suggesting as much.

This speculation arises amidst ongoing criticism directed at Segal’s performance in Heeramandi.

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Previously, Richa had defended Segal against online bullying, urging for kindness and understanding towards her co-star.

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This cryptic post follows earlier incidents, including a viral video where Sanjay Leela Bhansali seemingly pushed Richa aside during a photo op, drawing criticism and speculation about the dynamics among the Heeramandi cast. Despite the controversies, Richa’s stance remains one of advocacy for her co-stars and a call for respectful behavior in the industry.

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Richa’s enigmatic message prompts reflection on workplace dynamics and the importance of maintaining professionalism amidst challenges.