iFlicks Explains Why Tier 1 Organizations Should Get Priority in BGMI Scrims

iFlicks Tells Why Scout Should Not be Blamed for BGMI Tier 1 Scrim Slot Issue

Once again the tier-one BGMI scrim seems to have lit a controversial spark that might reignite the embers. The coach of Hyderabad Hydras, Nishant “iFlicks” Murlidharan, is a man of many opinions and does not hold back from speaking his mind.

He recently put a story via his official Instagram account explaining why tier-one esports organizations should be given priority over other player-based teams.

This is not the first time that he has been vocal against the ongoing tier-one BGMI scrim, even in the past iFlicks has created controversy by trying to expose some of the problems associated with it.

iFlicks gives his opinion on why tier-one organizations should get priority over player-based teams in BGMI scrims

A group of teams had come together for practicing the banned mobile battle royale on a regular basis, which slowly started to gain popularity and soon more teams wanted to be a part of it.

The regional community started referring to it as tier-one BGMI scrim and it soon came under the radar as a hub of multiple controversies. It was soon expanded to house 24 slots but despite this two known organizations failed to make the cut, Hydra Esports and Hyderabad Hydras.

This provoked a response from iFlicks who took to Instagram and expressed why tier-one organizations should be given first priority for such communal practice and scrim sessions.

He started by explaining that he has never said which teams or organizations should be included in the ‘Top 16’, but goes on to point out that “Those teams without an organization but with just their player names should not be given a slot.”

Further explaining his statement, iFlicks says that he just wants tier-one organizations to have some sort of priority otherwise the investor would have no reason to continue investing in the team.

“Why should the investor invest in the players? Still the HH (Hyderabad Hydras) investor is paying salaries, providing bootcamp, covering travel, and all other expenses. Even in the ban period, we are active and running for our players to practice and participate,” said iFlicks.

He concluded by saying that an organization always provides security to the players that it signs. Irrespective of the team’s result, if they win or lose a tournament, their salary is credited and this is one of the main reasons why individual players or player-made teams end up singing with an organization.


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