Indian Caster Ocean Expresses His Views on Valorant Mobile Launch

Indian Caster Ocean Expresses His Views on Valorant Mobile Launch

In a recent livestream, popular Indian caster and content creator, Ocean Sharma, spoke about Valorant Mobile – Riot Games’ upcoming mobile first-person shooter (FPS) title based on its popular PC game Valorant. Ocean revealed the tentative launch date of the game and claimed that it would be a big hit. Following this, he also expressed that he thinks that the game would be challenging for thumb players, and players might need to play with at least three-finger or four-finger layouts.

Ocean claims Valorant Mobile shall release by December 2023

Ocean was playing Tekken 7 in his recent livestream. During this session, one of his viewers asked him when Valorant Mobile would launch. Responding to this, Ocean said, “Valorant Mobile shall launch by the end of the next year. The beta version and everything might be released before that. However, the overall launch shall be completed by the end of the next year.” He added, “Valorant Mobile is gonna be a big hit.”

Ocean states Valorant Mobile would be challenging for thumb players

In Valorant, players need to select an agent from the pool before the start of each game. Every agent has a different set of abilities; based on which agent you choose, you will be able to use four distinct abilities throughout that game. Along with gunplay, players need to utilize these abilities of agents to create a tactical advantage over the opponents and, ultimately, win the game. 

Expressing his thoughts on the control setup of Valorant Mobile, Ocean said, “Valorant Mobile, I believe, would not be much compatible with thumb players. Because you will have to move, shoot, as well as use multiple abilities. At least you need to play it on a three-finger or a four-finger control setup if you want to enter the professional esports scene of Valorant Mobile.”

In mobile games, control setup is mainly based on the usage of thumbs and fingers by the players. The default layout for most mobile games is the thumb layout, where players only use their thumbs to perform all the in-game activities. Notably, external devices, like Triggers and Controllers, are not allowed in competitive esports. Hence, with the surge in competition, players have adapted to three-finger and four-finger setups, where players use one or two fingers in addition to thumbs, respectively. These advanced setups allow players to perform multiple activities in the game simultaneously. This advanced setup is not limited to three-finger and four-finger; players can use as many fingers as they want to improve their control over the game.

Valorant quickly attracted a massive player base right after its launch. With the development of its mobile version, Riot Games expects to translate this success to the mobile space. Although there are no official comments regarding Valorant Mobile’s release, fans are hyped to play this new title on their mobile devices.


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