Indian Esports Stakeholders Welcome the Return of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

Indian Esports Stakeholders Welcome the Return of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

Indian Esports Stakeholders Share Their Thoughts on BGMI’s Return

Loco’s statement on BGMI’s return

Loco founders Ashwin Suresh and Anirudh Pandita feel that BGMI’s return will be a catalyst for innovation, collaboration and community-building in the Indian esports ecosystem. The founders believe that the game’s return will solidify India’s position as a thriving hub for gaming enthusiasts and esports in the country.

“It is exciting to see the return of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) which has been one of the most popular games for the Indian gaming community. This revival holds tremendous potential for players and the gaming industry as a whole. With BGMI’s comeback, content creators, streamers, and esports professionals will be presented with fresh avenues to connect with their audience and showcase their talents in the competitive realm. We can also expect a significant rise in user engagement, esports viewership, and revenue generation opportunities with this re-entry,” they said. 

Skyesports’ statement on BGMI’s return

Skyesports founder and CEO Shiva Nandy believes that the return of the game comes at a great time and will ensure the growth of the Indian gaming and esports industry.

“I welcome Battlegrounds Mobile India’s return to India and extend congratulations to Krafton for accomplishing this feat. The game was an integral part of our Esports roadmap before and while we have diversified to other titles, we look forward to integrating India’s favorite battle royale title to our IPs like the Skyesports League, Skyesports Championship, and more in the near future,” he said. 

SuperGaming’s statement on BGMI’s return

SuperGaming co-founder Roby John hopes that BGMI’s return jumpstarts Indian talent towards a bigger and better games industry across content creation, esports and game development.

“There would be no Indus without PUBG/BGMI and playing PUBG and other shooters like Apex, CoD  have defined the space for us and our player expectations. We’re glad it’s coming back, gaming should be without boundaries. It’s yet another signal that gaming and esports are the biggest opportunities in India and now, it comes with the recognition of the government as well.”

Global Esports’ statement on BGMI’s return

Global Esports founder Rushindra Sinha says his organization is ready to go all-out on BGMI and leave no stone unturned.

“We’ve been waiting for the return for almost a year now, I think this time everyone in the ecosystem needs to get smarter and learn from the last few years of what’s happened. Athletes, creators, esports organizations, tournament organizers and brands everyone needs to appreciate the impact that the game has on our ecosystem and focus their efforts on the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem,” he said.


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