Indian Gaming Community Donates Over INR 30 Lakhs for Odisha Relief

On 2 June 2023, three trains collided near Balasore, in the state of Odisha in eastern India. This incident left the country in shock. Prominent gaming personalities, pro players and creators mobilized their audiences to contribute financial aid toward the situation, raising a total in excess of INR 30,00,000. 

S8UL Esports and CarryMinati organized charity streams, where the amount collected from the streams would be donated, whereas Godlike Esports (GodL) decided to donate their tournament winnings from the recently concluded BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) Rising tournament.

S8UL Esports Raises over INR 15 Lakh with help from Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal

S8UL Esports, one of India’s leading esports organizations, arranged a charity stream through which it successfully collected donations which amounted to a sum over INR 15 lakhs. The stream witnessed active participation from renowned creators of S8UL. Tanmay “Scout” Singh and Naman “Mortal” Mathur each contributed INR 1 Lakh.  Yuzvendra Chahal, a notable cricketer, had also actively participated in the stream and contributed INR 1 Lakh.

The charity stream was initiated by ScoutOP, a native of Odisha himself. ” Being from Odisha, I strongly felt it was my responsibility to do whatever I could within my capacity and help the people affected by this tragic disaster. The overwhelming success of the charity stream brings me an incredible sense of pride and joy. Raising INR 15 Lakhs will greatly aid those in need. I’m immensely thankful to the members of S8UL, Yuzvendra Chahal, and the entire gaming community for their support. I am also grateful to my audience whose participation and generosity have played a significant role in helping us make a positive impact in the lives of those affected by the tragedy,” expressed Scout.

Godlike Esports Donates Winnings from BGMI Launch Party

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) recently organized a Launch Party with a total prizepool of INR 10,00,000. It featured over 256 creators in 64 teams. Team Rebel and Team Jonathan from GodLike secured first and second place, respectively.  Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral won the award for ‘Captain Cool’ and ‘Panster’.  Since then, GodLike announced that it will be donating all the winnings from the launch party towards the Odisha Train tragedy. Their contribution will amount to INR 5 lakhs. 

  • Winners Prize – INR 2,50,000

  • Runners Prize – INR 1,50,000

  • Captain Cool – INR 50,000

  • Panster – INR 50,000

Khushveen ‘RebeL‘ Kaur further urged the fans to help or contribute in any way they could, as even a small contribution would make a huge impact on the lives impacted by the incident.

YouTube Star CarryMinati Raises INR 13 Lakh for Odisha Tragedy

One of the biggest YouTube stars from India, Ajey “CarryMinati” Nagar had also recently organized a charity stream. He was able to successfully raise INR 13,37,612, out of which he personally contributed INR 1.5 Lakhs.

CarryMinati states, “It’s just heartbreaking to see these upsetting visuals. My thoughts and prayers are with each and every person affected by this shocking incident. I pray for a speedy recovery of the injured and extend my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families.”

The generosity and support from the Indian gaming community have made a significant impact on Odisha Relief. With a total donation of over INR 33 lakhs, contributions from S8UL Esports, GodL Esports, and CarryMinati have demonstrated unity and compassion within the gaming community. These contributions will provide much-needed assistance to those affected by the devastating incident in Odisha.