Influence Chemin wins PMPL Americas Championship 2022 Fall, three teams qualify for PMGC


Earlier today, Influence Chemin emerged as the back-to-back champions of the PMPL Americas Championship 2022. The squad showcased spectacular executions on the final day of the Fall Season to lift the crown. To achieve this feat, they garnered a total of 282 points with the help of 149 kills and three Chicken Dinners. With this victory, the Brazilian team has booked a slot in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022.

Alpha 7 Esports, another superstar team, fell short by only six points and ended their campaign in second place with 275 points and 138 eliminations. However, the team was only playing for the prize money and the trophy as they had already confirmed their presence in the PMGC from the regional PMPL rankings.

After winning the PMPL Brazil, INCO Gaming put up yet another sparkling showing throughout the Americas Championship and came in at third place with 246 points, advancing to the Global Championship as well.

PMPL Americas Championship Fall overall standings

Top 8 teams of PMPL Americas Championship Fall (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Top 8 teams of PMPL Americas Championship Fall (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Pittsburgh Knights and Vivo Keyd, who have also had their seats in the PMGC from their regional points, finished in fourth and fifth place respectively. Team Queso (179 points) became the third team from the event to qualify for the PMGC. The squad started the competition with a dominant performance, but were unfortunately unable to maintain their momentum over the last three days.

Aton Esports missed out on the PMGC spot by just two points as they accumulated 177 points. Xtreme Slayers presented a consistent showing throughout the competition, scoring 173 points without any Chicken Dinners.

Furios Gaming, who advanced to the Global Championship with their PMPL LATAM points, had an average performance and claimed ninth spot with 169 points. Loops Esports, another popular Brazilian squad, failed to perform well in the tournament and placed eleventh with 163 points, followed by Execute.

Overall rankings of Americas Championship Fall (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Overall rankings of Americas Championship Fall (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Despite having two Chicken Dinners in a total of 24 matches, Rise Esports’ inconsistent performances landed them in thirteenth position with 134 points.

The North American division of Nova Esports were unable to pick up any momentum in the Championship, with the squad collecting only 120 points in 24 matches and claiming fifteenth position. It was an unfortunate tournament for them as their players were eliminated rather early on in several matches.

Federal from Influence Chemin emerged as the MVP of the Americas Championship Fall with 40 kills and 9307 damage. As expected, he played an important role in his team’s victory.

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