International Recognition: Chinese Player Claims to Be Scout’s Biggest Fan

International Recognition: Chinese Player Claims to Be Scout's Biggest Fan

In the realm of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the rise of two remarkable players, Tanmay “Scout” Singh and Jonathan “Jonathan” Amaral, has garnered widespread acclaim for their extraordinary abilities and multiple representations of the nation. This has sparked a passionate debate among their fans, both within and beyond national borders, as to who holds the title of the superior player.

Recently, while streaming the global version of the game, Akash “MaxKasH” Anandani, a renowned esports athlete and member of Team Enigma Forever’s BGMI lineup, stumbled upon a player from China. Intrigued, MaxKasH initiated a conversation, enquiring if the player was familiar with Scout. Much to MaxKasH’s surprise, the player not only claimed to be Scout’s biggest fan but also demonstrated familiarity with his distinctive gameplay style

MaxKasH also spoke about Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral and spoke to the Chinese player about the latter’s exploits. Continuing their discussion, MaxKasH posed the question, “Who do you think is more famous, Scout or Jonathan?” In response, the player confidently declared, “I think Scout…because he is Scout.”

It is truly fascinating to observe the enduring impact of players like Scout and Jonathan, even after a considerable hiatus from the game. As BGMI prepares to make its much-anticipated comeback, the prospect of these two exceptional players competing against each other once again is undeniably thrilling. Their riveting rivalry has captivated fans both domestically and internationally, promising to deliver a spectacle that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

As the landscape of BGMI evolves, players like Scout, Jonathan, and other notable figures will play a vital role in shaping the game’s future. Their exceptional skills and contributions are sure to leave a lasting mark on the global stage.


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