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Interview With TSM India’s AquaNox: “BGMI will always be the top one”


Thoughts on New State Mobile

Aquanox believes that New State Mobile has a bright future in esports. “Honestly, I haven’t played New State Mobile much because BGMI might return. Now, I am exploring other games as well, so I have played New State Mobile but not much,” he said. Following this, he added, “It seems that New State Mobile has a bright future. There are a lot of good players in the game, and it is very different from BGMI. The game is interesting, but at the same time, it is also a little difficult. BGMI is a slow-paced game, whereas New State Mobile is a fast-paced game like PC games. Maybe that’s why many people don’t like it, but it is really good for esports.”

However AquaNox believes that it will be hard for New State Mobile to become as big as BGMI or PUBG Mobile. He replied, “It will be difficult because BGMI has a huge fan following. On the other hand, New State Mobile was recently released. It seems New State Mobile is planned for the future. It might become popular in the future as it is a very mechanical game. But BGMI will always be the top one.”

TSM India will fight against the best New State Mobile teams at the New State Open. During the interview, AquaNox revealed the teams he is looking forward to playing against. He replied, “We don’t usually have any such thing. But few teams, like Team SouL and Team XO, make us feel like competing against them. We give our best, and they give their best. Then, we think about how we can adapt to their new strategy. So, these two teams feel aggressive and versatile, like every player makes the most out of their role.”

It is interesting to see Aquanox being so ready to adapt to different titles when called for. So we were curious about his preference for PC esports titles and which title he would compete in. “Valorant or CS:GO, anytime,” he said without any hesitation. “Because I used to play CS 1.6 professionally and have also played its LAN tournaments, but my PC wasn’t that good. When BGMI was suspended, I thought about becoming a Valorant professional player.” Following this, he added, “From the beginning, I believed that I could give my best in competitive gaming, whether it is a PC game or a mobile game. With the amount of work I put in, if I grind enough, I can even go pro in PC gaming. That’s my mindset.”

We asked AquaNox whether he watches Valorant esports and, if he does, which three players are his favorite. He replied, “Yes, I do watch. The first would be Forsaken ( Paper Rex) because his aim is very strong. Then, I would say SkRossi (Global Esports), obviously. The third would be Boaster (Fnatic).”

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