iPod shuffle is now being used as hair clip, pendant on TikTok, video goes viral on internet

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About 15 Years ago, the Apple iPod shuffle was a luxury that every kid wanted to own. Not just the school kids, the iPod shuffle was popular amongst the school-goer as well as the office goers. It had made the people ditch the bulky walkman and gave people the liberty to download as many songs as they want from the internet. However, with the onslaught of smartphones, the demand for mp3 players declined. So much so that items like iPods became fossils in the tech world. But now, the iPod Shuffles have made a comeback on TikTok, not as a music player but as fashion accessories.

A report by The Information revealed that TikTok, which is touted as a launchpad for trends, showed the iPods in a never-seen-before avatar. Several videos of TikTokers wearing iPod shuffle as hair-clip and earrings have surfaced online. The report reveals that not only the iPod Shuffles but other “retro” gadgets are also being used as fashion accessories on the short video platform. People are using wired earphones as hair accessories on TikTok. The videos with iPod shuffle as fashion accessories have garnered over 2 million videos.

A 15-second video clip of a girl holding a second-gen iPod Shuffle with the caption “anyone knows what this is?!??!” has gone viral on social media. In the next frame, Celeste Tice, the TikToker jokingly said, “So, I found this old iPodI don’t know, like a hair clip thing,”

Apple had discontinued the iPod shuffle officially in 2017. Although it has been only five years, the music player has already turned vintage for a lot of people. For people who still have it, throwing away an expensive gadget doesn’t seem like a feasible option, so they are using them as hair clips, thanks to the clip that is attached to the backside of the music player. iPod shuffle featured a square-shaped design. It was offered in a host of funky colours including space grey, gold, silver, pink, blue and red.

The iPod had a storage capacity of 2GB and feature a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The tiny device provided a battery life of upto 15 hours on a single charge. It supported charging via USB to a computer system or power adapter.

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