Is There a New Mythic Rank in MLBB?


MOONTON has revealed a new Mythic Rank system in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). Massive changes to how players make progress in Mythic and the ranks above have been revealed as well as a new rank tier. Various exclusive Mythic tiers and higher rank rewards have also been mentioned to give players more reasons to climb higher and test their limits which also include a new skin as a reward. The hero that shall receive the skin will be settled through a vote to ensure players will look forward to the new skin reward as they climb the ranked ladder. Achievement rewards are also planned to be added once the new Mythic rank system will be released in the game. 

New Mythic rank tier and rewards teased by MOONTON

One of the most surprising changes to be implemented in the MLBB ranked system is the revamped Mythic system which will add a new tier between Mythic Rank and Mythic Glory. 

Through a post on the official Twitter page of MLBB, a series of changes for the ranked mode have been revealed.

“For the upcoming updates, we will invest more resources to improve the Ranked match experience for each season,” the post captioned.

One of the changes mentioned is the implementation of the star scoring system in Mythic rank, replacing the points system.

The Season Journey rewards will also be updated to provide more rewards and make it more accessible for players of all skill levels while also incentivizing players to be competitive to earn high-tier rewards. 

An exclusive skin shall also be given to players who reach the Mythic rank. The hero who shall receive the skin will be decided through a player vote, giving players more reasons to grind and test their limits in competitive MLBB.

The MLBB Ranked Season 27 will end on 25th March, according to the in-game countdown timer. MOONTON is yet to reveal any details for the next ranked season. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the future.

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