Is UBE Strat Over? Mirko Contemplates on Blacklist International’s Iconic Tactic

Is UBE Strat Over? Mirko Contemplates on Blacklist International's Iconic Tactic

One of the most iconic Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) shoutcasters, Frederick Handy “Mirko” Loho shared his thoughts about the current situation of Blacklist International’s iconic strategy, the UBE (Ultimate Bonding Experience). The caster explained that utility supports are no longer at the peak of the current META. Mirko believes that while the UBE strategy still works, a lot of the top-performing teams in the MLBB esports scene have already decoded it and know how to counter the strategy easily. This was proven by teams such as Bren Esports and ECHO who gave Blacklist International a hard time in the MPL PH Season 11 regular season.

Is this the end of the UBE Strategy? Mirko explains

Through a livestream, Mirko gave his thoughts on whether Blacklist International’s iconic roamer support is a double-edged sword for the team due to the recent changes of the roamer META.

“I feel like, right now, we’re in a good place in MLBB where the META is very dynamic and even teams like Alter Ego can use the support heroes really well to make it all the way to the 3rd place in the playoffs,” Mirko stated.

He further elaborated that the same can also be said in MPL PH but due to Blacklist International being at the top of the esports scene for quite some time, a lot of teams have learned to counter its playstyle.

“Blacklist have played in a very similar style to the way they played in the beginning of Season 7… They are playing kind of the same way, with the same formula,” the MPL caster said. “Because they’ve been at the top of the game for so long, everybody has been able to read that out, counter it.”

While Blacklist International is still showing an impressive performance in the MPL PH Season 11 regular season. Fans have definitely noticed its decline in terms of dominance in matches with its iconic UBE strategy being easily countered by opposing teams.

“Is UBE strat over? It’s very easily read, in my opinion [but] I don’t think it’s over,” said Mirko. “They can still make it work against lesser teams but stronger teams already understand exactly how to counter it.”

The opening match of the MPL PH Season 11 playoffs stage shall see Blacklist International go against Omega Esports on 4th May. It shall be interesting to see how the defending champion performs in the final phase of the league season.


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