Jackie Chan Nearly Stabbed a Director Who Insulted His Mother


Jackie Chan revealed in a recent interview that almost knifed a director on set who had insulted his mother.

Appearing on the Chinese talk show Shidian Talk (via AsiaOne), Chan revealed that he’d had it with the director, who brought up his mother while scolding him on set. The director was fortunate that fellow legendary Hong Kong actor Sammo Hung was there to stop the furious Chan.

“I was scolded so much and he even dragged my ancestors in,” Jackie, said. “So I took a knife and wanted to go and cut the director. I said that he can scold me as much as he wants but don’t insult my mother. Sammo grabbed hold of me and said, ‘Are you crazy?’”

Chan also talked about reading criticism about him in the newspapers and feeling unhappy about it for long periods of time. But he eventually learned not to let the judgements influence him.

“In the past, whenever the newspapers criticised me, I would be unhappy for the day. I would think about it for a day, which became a week, then a year,” the 68-year-old actor said. “Don’t take what people say to heart.”

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