Japan’s weirdly compelling Pixel 6 ad campaign continues with a look at some funky widgets


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Just release the phone already, Google

Google Pixel 6:Coming Soon 篇 0-13 screenshot

It’s officially October, which means we’re likely just days away from the long-awaited launch of the Pixel 6. Google has spent the last two months teasing the phone, offering an early reveal before slowly showing off the phone in ads and in-person displays exclusive to New York City. A new ad airing in Japan is our latest hint for what’s to come, with a deep focus on how Material You will enhance your experience.

This video isn’t the first time we’ve seen Google show off its next flagship device in a Japanese ad, though it’s certainly more revealing than last time. The video demonstrates how users can customize their home screens to fit their personality, whether they’re artists, bakers, or anything else (via 9to5Google).

It’s that first setup that’s the most interesting, though. We’ve seen Google show off an X-shaped widget before for Drive, but this is the first time we’ve seen it for playback controls. It shows up again in a later slide, highlighting photo memories of a family. Unlike music controls, this widget seems like an odd shape for images, so it’d be surprising to see this arrive down the road.

The end of the advertisement does show off a more traditional music widget, so these may never leave a design phase. Still, it’s some unique looks at what could be coming in the future for both Material You and the Pixel 6.

Along with those weird X-shaped widgets, we’re also getting new looks at the upcoming weather redesign, as well as that new clock widget with a new built-in date. All told, it seems like home screen designs are about to get interesting again.


Otherwise, there’s not much new in the ad. Google highlights its Tensor SoC, something we’ll hopefully learn a lot more about in the lead-up to launch. The video wraps up by announcing the phone as “coming soon.” We can only hope those rumored launch dates turn out to be correct.

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