Jidion trolls Pokimane: Jidion justifies his hate raid on Pokimane with his post on Twitter

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After the recent hate raid that Pokimane faced on her livestream from streamer JiDion, various questions regarding targeted online harassment, the persisting misogyny and the need to strengthen Twitch guidelines were raised. Following the abuse, JiDion faced a 14 day suspension from Twitch which ultimately led him to speak about the situation and explain his actions. Hate raid against Pokimane, Jidion trolls Pokimane, Jidion suspended from Twitch, Pokimane addresses trolls, Twitch Ban

JiDion is a popular YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers, and started streaming on Twitch from January 11, as he recently got verified on the purple platform.

Pokimane was streaming Valorant with fellow star streamers Valkyrae, QuarterJade, and others when she noticed a new, loud wave of viewers in her chat who were spamming the message “L + RATIO”. The chat spammers claimed that they were instructed by JiDion to carry out this hate raid. This forced Pokimane to shut down her stream midway. “who is JiDion? Sent people to my stream to spam… That’s embarrassing, if you get banned I’m not gonna be sad”, she exclaimed.

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Following the online hate JiDion was punished with a ban of 14 days from Twitch. JiDion further said he would “take this L cause what I did really was (against) TOS lol.” JiDion had also made comments about Pokimane’s viewers, claiming that she had a boyfriend and that “she is not going to f**k you.”

Many streamers came in to support Pokimane and raise voice against misogyny in general. Amidst this Internet outburst, JiDion took to Twitter where he claimed that his “hate against Pokimane” has nothing to do with gender. He clarified that he dislikes Pokimane as a person, any hate towards her is not targeted for ‘just’ being a woman. He urged people to not confuse the two and draw their own conclusions. He further said, “Respect all women boys,” and “you have the right to stand up for yourself cause at the end of the day we’re all equal”.

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All those who raised their voice against hate raids have made it clear that online trolls and abuses have no place on social media platforms. Thus should be systematically called out and punished.

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