JONATHAN Talks About Team’s Poor Form in BGMI, Admits GodLike Era Has Ended

One of the most popular BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) teams in India, GodLike Esports has been out of touch for quite some time now and the community has started questioning if the team can crawl out of this slump and return to its former glory or not.

In a recent livestream session while interacting with his viewers, GodLike’s star player and one of the best assaulters in the country – Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral, finally broke his silence on the situation and shared what the team is currently going through.

Without making any excuses, JONATHAN admitted that the team was going through a low phase and that everyone was feeling demotivated at this point in time. The 19-year-old was really feeling what he said as he even went on to admit that the ‘GodLike Era’ had come to an end.

: JONATHAN has clarified to AFK Gaming (via Abhijeet “GHATAK” Andhare) that he was only joking about the ‘GodLike era is over’ comment.

JONATHAN shares the current mental state of GodLike Esports BGMI roster

GodLike Esports had started 2022 on the best possible note, standing fourth in the BGIS 2021, followed by representing the country at PMGC 2021 where they stood thirteenth.

Unfortunately in the next few events, the team was completely out of its element before showing good recovery in March for a couple of tournaments and then came the big crash.

The 14th place finish at the first-ever BGMI LAN, NODWIN Loco All Stars Invitational was GodLike’s rock bottom as they faced harsh criticism from the community.

With the team falling apart, JONATHAN in a recent stream while interacting with his viewers said that “ZGOD, Neyoo, and everyone else is feeling demotivated, now what can I do you guys tell me. Seeing all of them like this, even I get demotivated.”

A few negative comments also came his way, but instead of replying positively or giving a response backing GodLike, JONATHAN simply accepted that they will not qualify for PMCO and that the GodLike Era had come to an end, “It has ended brother, even I am demotivated right now.”

JONATHAN is aware that the team lacks motivation, it is the primary reason for GodLike being stuck in its slump, unable to recover from it. But all said and done he is still hopeful of a comeback and even made it clear that he was not going to leave the team, when suggested to do so by one of his fans.

“People who stay together during tough times are the real ones,” said JONATHAN, “I will stay with the team (GodLike), I have no problem with it. I am not going anywhere, here forever. I will stay with the team during both bad times and the good.”

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