Kangana Ranaut's Hairstylist Labels The Actress as 'Moohphat' and the 'Queen' Gives A Fitting Reply


Kangana Ranaut, a prominent figure in Bollywood renowned for her acting prowess and outspoken nature, has responded to a viral interview by her hairstylist, Maria, where she was referred to as ‘moohphat’. The actress, who recently ventured into politics as an MP for Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, took to social media to address the fallout from Maria’s comments.

In her tweet, Kangana expressed frustration at being continuously scrutinized despite her two-decade career in the film industry.

She lamented that individuals who work with her often face uncomfortable questions from the media, describing it as embarrassing. Kangana emphasized the need for the media to refrain from overly probing her associates, asserting that enough is enough. She said,

“Even after 20 years of being in the film industry I am constantly scrutinised, people who work with me and praise me they are often grilled and asked uncomfortable questions regarding me, its embarrassing to see them desperately explain that I am just a normal well brought up person, media should stop with this grilling of people who work with me, enough is enough please.”

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The interview with Maria portrayed Kangana as a kind-hearted individual who treats others well but labeled her as ‘moohphat’, a term that sparked controversy online.

Despite the hairstylist’s positive remarks about Kangana’s behavior, the actress conveyed her dissatisfaction with being the subject of persistent media attention and scrutiny.

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This incident adds to the ongoing narrative surrounding Kangana Ranaut, who frequently finds herself embroiled in controversies both in the entertainment industry and now in politics. Her outspoken views and unapologetic stance continue to make headlines, shaping public perception and discourse around her.

As Kangana navigates the complexities of fame and public life, her response to such incidents underscores her stance on privacy and fair portrayal in media coverage.