Karltzy Hopes Indonesian Fans Are Not Toxic During M4 World Championship

ECHO’s star jungler Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno left a message for the Indonesian Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) fans who will be tuning in at the live venue of the M4 World Championship. Blacklist International and ECHO will represent the Philippines (PH) in the upcoming M4 World Championship. The tournament will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia which means a lot of Indonesian fans will be at the live venue to cheer on their favorite teams. KarlTzy hopes that fans will remain respectful and refrain from “Booing” the teams from the Philippines (PH). According to the star jungler, it might lower his morale including his teammates. 

KarlTzy hopes Indonesian fans do not “Boo” his team at the M4 World Championship

The long-running debate on which region is the strongest, between the Philippines and Indonesia, is one of the hot topics in the MLBB community. This debate usually causes some fans to be toxic with their arguments and they sometimes even .

With PH teams dominating both M2 and M3, Indonesia is looking to win the M4 World Championship and take down the defending champion Blacklist International. Through a livestream, one of the former members of the M2 World Champion squad of Bren Esports, KarlTzy, remains hopeful that PH teams will still dominate the upcoming tournament.

“I hope PH wins again in M4 [World Championship],” stated KarlTzy.

Considering that the live venue will be held in Jakarta, a lot of Indonesian fans are expected to show up at the venue. The star jungler hopes that fans remain respectful towards the PH teams and not show any form of toxicity once they are on stage.

“I hope we won’t get booed by Indo [fans], guys,” stated KarlTzy.

He further explained that being disrespected before the match even starts may lower his team’s confidence, something he does not wish to occur on the world stage.

“Once we’re entering the stage, I hope they won’t boo us. It lowers our morale,” stated KarlTzy.

The M4 World Championship is the biggest esports event in MLBB. It’s only natural to cheer for your favorite teams but fans should remain respectful towards other teams and promote a healthy rivalry.


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