Katy Perry Gets Brutally Slammed By Netizens For Giving A Negative Feedback To American Idol Contestant, A User Said: “Shame On Her…”

Katy Perry Gets Trolled For Being Rude To American Idol Contestant
Katy Perry Gets Trolled For Being Rude To American Idol Contestant
Netizens Call Out Katy Perry For Her Mean Comments For American Idol Contestant ( Photo Credit – )

American Idol judge and one of the most famous Popstars, Katy Perry, is currently making headlines for all the wrong reasons. She is drawing a lot of backlash over her ‘mean comments’ on one of the contestants who appeared in American Idol & netizens are leaving no stone unturned in calling out the singer. Scroll below to read the details!

Katy, who undeniably enjoys a huge fanbase and is known for her encouraging comments for the contestants, recently left everyone shocked after she negatively responded to a musician’s audition. Sara Beth, a mother of three, auditioned in front of the judges and revealed she wasn’t sure if winning American Idol was her dream. To which Katy gave an honest reaction to her without mincing her words & many found it rude.

Among a lot of other things during the audition of American Idol, Katy Perry was heard saying, “Feel like a comic strip character just came to life. Look, if it’s not your dream, it’s not going to go far. Because I also respect everyone that’s walking through the door who will lay down their life for his golden ticket, you know?” As soon as the audition clip was shared on the internet, netizens were quick to react. Many found her comments extremely rude & didn’t leave the chance to call out the singer.

One of the users wrote, “I am so disappointed in how judges seemed to go out of their way to judge her before they had anything to actually judge. After she sang her pure heart out, the judges acted like they needed to save face and stay rude towards her instead of acknowledging they might have jumped the gun forming an opinion too quickly.”

Checkout the video below:

The user further added, “I appreciated how authentic she remained throughout the audition and didn’t filter her answer to appease what the judges wanted to hear. Auditioning is proof that it’s her dream otherwise she wouldn’t have auditioned for it. Shame on Katy Perry especially.”

Another user wrote, “I love that she powered through all the rudeness. She is a ray of sunshine; protect her at all cost.”

“That woman is everything that Katy Perry is not. Authentic and grounded.”

“Katie was rude, I am glad this girl kept her spirit up, and her voice is beautiful…”

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