Keys in Road to Valor: Empires – How to Get Keys and Use Them?

Gems in Road to Valor: Empires - How to Get Them?

Road to Valor: Empires is taking the Indian mobile esports landscape by storm, thanks to its engaging gameplay. Krafton partnered with S8UL Esports for the launch of this casual PvP [player vs player] strategy game. Krafton’s Road to Valor: Empires allows you to compete with players around the globe while commanding mythical gods, beasts, and heroes. Apart from the actual gameplay itself, the game has many accessories and in-game loot that make it interesting.

Chests, gold coins, gems, and keys in Road to Valor: Empires are just as important as one’s garrison and battle units.

Here’s everything you need to know about keys in the game.

How to get keys and use them in Road to Valor: Empires?

Firstly, players should note that keys are used to unlock chests in the game. You get chests by winning games and when you open them, you get gold and cards that you can use to upgrade your battle units. You will notice the number of keys you have with you currently on the ‘Battle’ tab of the game.

As you open Road to Valor: Empires and play the game, you will receive keys on certain days as part of the Daily Attendance rewards. For instance, on Day 6, you will receive 15 keys and on Day 10, 20 keys. 

When you have fewer than 20 keys, you will be given one key for free every half hour in the game. But, when you watch advertisements upon clicking the little clapboard icon, you are given free keys. When you click on it, the dialogue box reads, “You will obtain 5 keys by watching an ad.

You can watch five advertisements and therefore get 25 keys in total just by watching these advertisements. 

Additionally, when you join a new clan or an alliance in the game, you will notice a little key icon on the ‘Social’ tab. When you open that, you can donate keys to your friends and also request keys from them. Note that, there is a cap of ten key donations and you cannot donate more than that. Your requests and donations reset in 11 hours.

Notably, certain chests require you to possess a fixed number of keys in order to be opened. See the following list to understand how many keys you need to open the different chests in the game:

  • Great Chest: 3 keys

  • Superior Chest: 5 keys

  • Grand Chest: 15 keys


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