Krafton, a well known games publisher for titles like Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Bullet Echo India, Road To Valor: Empires, The Callisto Protocol, New State Mobile, Moonbreaker, Tera and Elyon, has revealed that it has achieved its record high sales in the first quarter of 2024. The sales sits at an astonishing figure of KRW 665.9 Billion. Several India specific games, majorly BGMI, has prompted the growth of the company.

Krafton reveals it has achieved record high sales in its first quarter of 2024

Krafton revealed that it has recorded its highest sales in the first quarter of 2024. The sales figure sits at KRW 665.9 Billion, with an Operating Profit (OP) of KRW 310.5 Billion, and Net Profit (NP) of KRW 348.6 Billion in accordance with the Korean International Financial Reporting Standards (K-IFRS). Its consolidated sales climbed upto 24.6% Quarter on Quarter (QoQ), setting a record-high quarterly sales. The OP spiked to 89.0% QoQ.

BGMI played a significant role in the company’s growth as it released content tailored to local Indian festivals and co-marketed with Bollywood movies, while also opening a UniPin web store for a third-party payment platform to improve profitability. In addition to BGMI’s stable service this year, Krafton plans to concentrate on diverse publishing experiences and game-centric investments to become the number one publisher in the Indian market.

  • PC/Console: KRW 255.2 Billion. 

  • Mobile: KRW 402.3 Billion. 

  • Others: KRW 8.4 Billion. 

The company conducted a beta test for one of its major titles in 2024 named “Dark and Darker Mobile”. The first beta test was carried out exclusively in Korea for five days in April, which attracted over 50,000 participants. Krafton plans to improve the quality of the game through user feedback obtained during the beta test period, while also focusing on the global launch through phased marketing expansion in the second half of this year.