Krafton Captures the Essence of BGMI With ‘India Ki Heartbeat’ Docuseries

India Ki Heartbeat explores BGMI’s reach and accessibility

According to Krafton, BGMI has been the largest and most widely played game in the country, amassing a whopping 16 million daily users at its peak. With no entry barriers, BGMI took India by storm and successfully molded a vast subculture and a tight-knit community. 

The title of the docuseries is a testament to the belief in the community that BGMI is not just a game, but an emotion. Krafton said in a release, “With ‘India Ki Heartbeat’, Krafton Inc and Supari Studios explore the widespread reach, accessibility, and popularity of the game across our diverse country.” 

To bring forth the raw, authentic stories of players across India to the limelight, the docuseries crew traveled to several remote locations and interviewed over 50 players. Krafton said they had to navigate through challenges including poor connectivity, language barriers, and harsh shooting conditions. “Wanting the stories to resonate deeply with fans, they purposefully steered away from popular esports players, and instead offered a glimpse into the lives and minds of passionate gamers from around the country,” added the release.

The docuseries India Ki Heartbeat captures the intricate and remarkable moments that BGMI has created for all stakeholders involved. It also showcases how the game has transformed into a culture-shaping phenomenon and a legitimate industry in the country today. 

India Ki Heartbeat aims to provide viewers with an immersive experience, bridging the gap between casual content consumers and the passionate BGMI community. The viewers will see the impact that BGMI has had on individuals’ beliefs and aspirations, said Krafton. 

Talking about the series, Krafton CEO Sean Hyunil Sohn said, “There are so many stories about the BGMI universe out there, but we deliberately chose to tell the stories of unknown players because we know that these will resonate with millions of fans.” He confidently stated that fans and esports enthusiasts will definitely love the docuseries. 

Meanwhile, Director Khushboo Ranka said the project gave the opportunity to rethink the simplistic ideas about gaming.  

As a passionate gamer himself, Supari Studios Executive Producer Mrinal Chawla called BGMI culture-defining. “It has emerged as the game of choice for millions, fostering contagious energy and forging concrete bonds among players from all walks of life. At Supari Studios, we were inspired by the unique dynamics within this space and decided to embark on this creative journey,” he noted. 

The of this three-part docuseries is already live on the official BGMI YouTube channel for fans and gamers to check out!