Krafton Details Early Access Test Records of Defense Derby

Months after announcing the launch of its latest real-time strategic defense mobile game titled Defense Derby, RisingWings, an independent studio under Krafton released the game in India for early access in April 2023. Notably, the early access was held between 27th April and 11th May in India along with Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan. Defense Derby features a new system and new modes like Guardian’s Journey, Guardian Level, and Derby Free Fight – Mirror Match. These were not available in last year’s global pre-release test version. 

The test made improvement in the overall content and convenience [to] improve the experience of users,” noted Krafton and RisingWings in a press release. The studio also added that the total playtime of Defense Derby has reached a record of 81,500 hours, which is nearly three times higher than last year’s test. Players should note that the global release of Defense Derby is slated for the third quarter of 2023.

Defense Derby’s total playtime increased, positive reviews: RisingWings

Defense Derby is a strategic, player-versus-player (PvP) defense game with a real-time auction system added for a new experience in the tower defense (TD) genre.

According to RisingWings, a total of 19,600 users participated in the early access test which lasted for about two weeks. The game’s total playtime was 81,500 hours, which is nearly three times higher than last year’s global pre-release test, the developer said. It also highlighted that the number of times the core play mode called “Derby Mode (PvP)” was played also increased. 

Throughout the testing phase, the Derby Mode saw approximately 381,000 playthroughs, with an average of 21 plays per person, indicating a significant preference for this mode,” said RisingWings.

Additionally, the users who participated in the early access test reportedly expressed their satisfaction with the game in a survey, showing a game satisfaction score of 4.6 out of 5. 

RisingWings stated in the release that most users gave positive reviews. Interestingly, users chose ‘Collecting and upgrading/leveling up Heroes and Units’ as the most engaging feature of the game, followed by Derby Mode, PvE content, and ‘Progressing through the Guardian’s Journey.’

Aside from these, users also picked the ‘Scouting Units’ feature, which leads players to guess the opponents’ next move and make a bold attempt, as Defense Derby’s unique fun element.

RisingWings is a South Korean game development studio focused on creating mobile games with a mission to become the most popular mobile game provider. It continues to build on various successful mobile games from real-time strategy to casual games such as Castle Craft, Castle Burn, Archery King, Bowling King, Mini Golf King, and Golf King: World Tour.