Krafton Officially Confirms BGMI Esports 2022 Structure: Complete Details

Krafton has officially unveiled the highly awaited roadmap for the next competitive Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) season. Building upon the success of its initial season, the BGMI esports 2022 structure looks promising as the developers have announced a total of four tournaments to keep the professional scene active and thriving through the entirety of the year.

A total prize pool of INR 6 crore has been dedicated to the 2022 BGMI esports circuit by Krafton, which will be divided between the four planned tournaments. The registrations for first of the four tournaments, Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge (BMOC) 2022 is scheduled to start from 14th March onwards and will be taking place till 27th March.

Here are all the details about this tournament along with the rest, as we provide complete details about the BGMI esports 2022 structure.

BGMI Esports 2022 Structure: Complete Details

The BGMI competitive circuit for 2022 comprises of a huge prize pool which will be divided between four tournaments that have already been announced by Krafton.

  1. Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge 2022 (BMOC)

  2. Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 1 (BMPS Season 1)

  3. Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2022 (BGIS)

  4. Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 2 (BMPS Season 1)

Out of the four tournaments at least two will have an open circuit, BMOC and BGIS, giving untested teams and players a chance to showcase their skills while going up against some of the best that the country has to offer.

In order to take part in these tournaments, all that is required of a BGMI player is that their account is at least Level 25 or higher while holding a rank of Platinum 5 of higher. As for professional teams, Krafton has now increased the roster limit to officially accommodate six players instead of four, giving organizations more flexibility to make roster shuffles in case of emergencies.

Here is what every BGMI tournament announced so far has to offer.

The first official BGMI tournament of the 2022 circuit will see its registrations starting soon due to a slight delay, with BGMI shotcaster Ocean Sharma confirming that BMOC registration would be taking place from 14th to 27th March.

BMOC 2022 will kick off with all the registered BGMI teams battling through the open qualifiers from the end of March, with the top 512 teams proceeding to the next round.

From here on the number of competing teams will keep getting halved with every passing stage, until the number of teams drop down from 512 to 32.

At this stage, 32 invited teams will go against the 32 qualified teams following a round-robin format and only half of them will move on to the next stage which is nothing but BMPS Season 1.

The 32 teams that qualify through the BMOC 2022 will compete in this tournament following a round-robin format and only 16 will make their way to the grand finals.

These 16 teams will then compete for a massive total prize pool of INR 2,00,00,000 which is the maximum prize pool for a single esports tournament in the country so far. The winning BGMI team will be walking away with a lion’s share of INR 75,00,000.

Both BMOC 2022 and BMPS Season 1 will be entirely taking place online from the first qualifier right down to the grand finals.

This is all the information that Krafton has officially revealed so far, with more information about Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2022 and Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 2 to follow sometime in the future.

Additionally, Krafton also revealed that Indian team(s) will stand a chance to compete in the PMGC Global Championship slated to take place at the end of 2022 or early 2023, similar to earlier this year. This means that Indian teams will be getting an opportunity to go up against international opponents as part of this BGMI season.

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