Krafton Reportedly Hiring for BGMI, Posts Multiple Job Roles on LinkedIn

Krafton Reportedly Hiring for BGMI, Posts Multiple Job Roles on LinkedIn

The mobile esports community in India is quickly losing all hope of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) making a comeback with the game being banned for over nine months by the government.

There has been little to no positive development conveyed to the public by Krafton, the developers and publishers of the mobile battle royale. This coupled with multiple false narratives, speculations, and rumors by multiple personalities has only added to the public’s disappointment at large.

Amidst all this, it seems that Krafton has seemingly started recruiting for a few roles related to BGMI. As first reported by LetsGrowEsports, a post was supposedly made by Krafton on LinkedIn two days ago in Korean, calling suitable candidates to apply for the position of ‘Leading Quality Assurance’ and ‘Event/Paid Testing’.

Report: Krafton supposedly made a job post outlining two roles related to BGMI

Nine months after the game was banned by the Indian government, some hiring activity was recently noticed by Krafton over on LinkedIn, reportedly looking to hire for a couple of roles related to BGMI.

The original job post was reportedly published in Korean on Krafton’s official LinkedIn page and seems to have been deleted now as it is no longer available.

According to LetsGrowEsports, BGMI was looking to hire for the position of Leading Qualify Assurance (LQA) and Event/Paid Testing. The requirements for these roles were as follows,

  • Functionality testing throughout the project being published by the publishing group.

  • Platform integration testing and UI / UX (User Interface / User Experience) usability testing.

  • Checking policy violations and responding to issues.

In the same job posting it was further mentioned by Krafton that they conduct QA (Quality Assurance) work on the games they publish, including BGMI and PUBG Mobile, two of the most popular mobile battle royale titles globally.

“In the long term, we are collaborating with internal/external development studios or subsidiaries to improve the quality from the project development stage, contributing to the entire launch process, and working with the goal of providing successful and stable live services,” the reported job posting additionally mentioned.

There have been a lot of recent reports about BGMI’s plausible return, one of the biggest ones being that the game could return with certain gameplay changes and playtime restrictions following an alleged meeting held between government officials and Krafton.

However, the regional mobile audience is much more cautious now and are not believing any of the reports or speculations blindly. This has been due to multiple false narratives that plagued the scene in the first few months of 2023.

For now, no substantial reports or hints have surfaced that could potentially point towards a possible return for BGMI, so make sure to consider all unofficial statements with a hint of salt.


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