Krafton Summer Bonanza: Exciting New State Mobile Updates

New State Mobile, an online multiplayer battle royale game by Krafton, has sparked a wave of excitement amongst its fans with the announcement of refreshing updates this July. The updates, first announced in a press release by Krafton, mention features that are competition-centric and offer rewards in return. 

The headlining Weekly League is set to start on 22nd July, 2023 and will run till 3rd September, 2023. The League will welcome players to compete against each other every Saturday and Sunday for two hours. 

Krafton is also preparing to host the much-anticipated New State Mobile Summer Festival, which will take place from July 20th to August 23rd, 2023. 

Other in-game updates offer a more submersive experience, like laser effects in the “Laser Grip” customization to the “UMP45” submachine gun, the addition of a powerful “Grenade Launcher” and a “Golden Flare Gun.” The protagonist of the newly released Survivor Pass Vol.21, “Wild Skinner,” from the Mayhem faction also features in this update. When the players achieve all pass levels, they can unlock Wild Skinner’s character skin for free.

New State Mobile Summer Festival: All We Know

The Weekly League

The Weekly League is an intense competition that allows players to engage in a grappling duel against each other. This weekly battle summons players with a tier score of 2,000 points (Gold V) or higher. While battle royale maps “Akinta” and “Lagna” are part of the Saturday battleship, Sunday welcomes the other set of maps, “Troi” and “Erangel”. This league offers a double tier reward and is subject to certain limitations, like third-player squad mode. Featuring a dedicated Blue Zone, players also get to accumulate additional incentives like honor coins, chicken medals, Battle Points (BP), etc., depending on their ranking. 

New State Mobile Summer Festival

Players can acquire bingo tokens upon completion of daily missions as well as cumulative missions. And as players accumulate bingo tokens, they can redeem exciting awards like costumes, gun skins, and BP. 

Laser Grip: Second Customization to the “UMP45” Submachine Gun

This customization offers immersive visual effects in addition to a non-replaceable dedicated grip. There are also improvements in the vertical recoil control, with increased accuracy while aiming and shooting. However, there is a slight decrease in the aiming speed, and the grip slot remains nonfunctional. 

New Weapons in Second Season of Bounty Royale

The second season of Bounty Royale features a powerful “Grenade Launcher” and a “Golden Flare Gun” that can levy exclusive care packages. The “Kaboom” mode has been modeled to reduce the damage caused by the “Red Zone Launcher”. Invincible and destructible terrains that can be destroyed with a single grenade have also been added. 

Tier Reset and More Rewards

As Battle Royale Season 10 begins, players entering the lobby are greeted with exciting rewards and a summary of their performance last season. The tier reset is based on the final ranking during the last season. Rewards are given through in-game mail, and the Bounty Royale tier is also reset. 

These exhilarating updates certainly add an unforgettable flair to the game, where valor and skill converge and players compete eagerly for victory and glory. From the intense Weekly League to New State Mobile Summer Festival, players are in for a remarkable gaming experience. The improvised Laser Grip and additional weapons like the Grenade Launcher and Golden Flare Gun further enhance the gameplay.