Krafton Updates BGMI’s Privacy Policy for Underaged Players and Game Servers

Krafton Updates BGMI’s Privacy Policy for Underaged Players and Game Servers

It was just this morning when Krafton delighted the community with the news of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s (BGMI) relaunch in India. The South Korean video game developer has since updated its privacy policy to add addendums about implementing new parental control features and data transparency through the three-month trial period that . Krafton is seemingly leaving no stone unturned while ensuring a speedy re-launch process to ensure that the game becomes a permanent fixture beyond the trial period.

What are the Updates in Krafton’s Privacy Policy?

In the BGMI privacy policy shared on the , Krafton has updated the ‘International Data Transfers’ section where it clearly states the data of Indian players will be stored across India and Singapore. It also states “The access to your personal information is limited to our employees’, agents and contracted third party, who are bound by strict confidentiality agreements and have access only on a business need to know basis. No one can access your personal information without our approval”.

Krafton’s new policies for players who are below 18 years old

Krafton has directly mentioned that users who are yet to become legally adults will need data storage consent from their parents in order for their account to exist in their database. Krafton states,“If you are under the age of 18 years, you will be asked to provide the mobile phone number of your parent or guardian to confirm that you are legally eligible to play the game. If you are a parent or guardian and you believe your child under 18 years of age has provided us with their personal information without your consent, you can contact us and request that your child’s information be deleted from our system”.

Although this may make life difficult for a lot of the minor gamers, it looks like this is a necessary step to adhere to the government’s policies on “User Harm” and “Addiction.” to ensure that players “Game Responsibly.” In addition, the game also currently imposes an in-game daily spend limit of INR 7,000 that automatically stops players from overspending and overgaming.

Whether these changes are enough to ensure that the game remains available is yet to be determined.


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