Kronten, Ghatak Respond to SID Regarding New State Mobile Roster Signing

Kronten, Ghatak Respond to SID Regarding New State Mobile Roster Signing

The Indian gaming community can never stay without drama for too long with members of GodLike Esports and S8UL Esports exchanging a few responses earlier today on 2nd December, regarding the New State Mobile lineup announced by GodLike.

As usual, certain members from the community were quick to jump the gun and make their assumptions about how this New State Mobile roster, with whom S8UL had won the TEC New State Open, had abandoned it and signed with another esports organization.

Reacting to this, Siddhant “SID” Joshi – Manager of S8UL Esports, provided a clarification on the matter without directly pointing fingers or taking any names.

However, things did not go down quietly as certain things were picked on by members of GodLike Esports, with Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude, Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare, and Kammaljeet Singh, coming forward with their own responses!

Multiple members of GodLike Esports respond to SID regarding the signing of its latest New State Mobile roster

What started off as a normal roster announcement of GodLike Esports stepping into New State Mobile with a new lineup that previously competed under the banner of S8UL Esports, turned into a messy exchange of pointing fingers.

It started with SID providing a clarification around the subject, about how S8UL had not signed the roster and were still negotiating with them while also giving them an opportunity to explore other options.

However, the explanation was not as straightforward and despite no fingers being pointed, some members of GodLike responded to it by posting cryptic messages on their respective Instagram stories.

Kronten – Founder of GodLike Esports, kept his response short while making sure that the message was pointed in the right direction. He said that the explanation was great but it made no sense, finishing his statement by writing “Script Camera Action,” basically summing it all up as some kind of an act.

Kammaljeet – General Manager of GodLike Esports, was one of the first ones to respond by mentioning the various esports titles that the organization was currently competing in and adding that “Can’t help it, if they want to join us.”

The best was that he also dropped a hint about GodLike Esports targeting Pokemon UNITE as its next competitive title.

The longest response was delivered by Ghatak, who focussed on how GodLike provides real value to its players. His long statement which is primarily written out in Hindi translates to the following,

“I keep talking to BGMI athletes and through them I came to know that ever since BGMI got suspended, some organizations and their management teams had started to ignore them. Giving salary or not is an organization’s decision but respect is must for an athlete, who are trying to make a place for themselves in esports, leaving behind their family and education. In such a situation, instead of showing them the right direction they are being ignored.

All I want to say is that sometimes it is also about self respect, and if you are a true esports athlete then this is the time to realize who is with you and who is not, simple as that.”

Following these cryptic messages by members of GodLike Esports, where once again no names were directly taken. During another livestream session, SID delivered another message from his side, providing even more details related to what actually went down between S8UL and the New State Mobile roster.

Hopefully, this will be the end of this discussion and the drama will not be stretched any further by any of the parties involved.


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