KyleTzy Takes the Mantle of KarlTzy as Bren Esports’ Lancelot Specialist

KyleTzy Takes the Mantle of KarlTzy as Bren Esports' Lancelot Specialist

Bren Esports broke free from its three-game losing streak to upset Omega Esports in the fourth week of the . Fans witnessed the team’s amateur standout Michael “KyleTzy” Angelo Sayson dominate with his Lancelot gameplay in the deciding match of the series. During a post-match press conference, the team’s head coach Francis “Duckey” John Glindro shared that KyleTzy’s Lancelot performance reminds him of KarlTzy’s playstyle and is happy with the youngblood’s improvement so far. While Bren Esports’ victory calls for celebration, the team still has a long way to go as it is still in 7th place with a 2-4 overall standing.

The “Tzy” Lancelot is back as Bren Esports upsets Omega Esports in a dominant fashion

One of the bottom teams of the MPL PH Season 10, Bren Esports put forth an impressive performance against one of the top teams on the leaderboard, Omega Esports. While the M2 World Champion was shaky in the first game, the team was able to turn the tides in its favor with a reverse sweep.

The third deciding match saw the return of Bren Esports’ signature Lancelot jungle under the hands of its young prodigy KyleTzy. In just three minutes, the young jungler already had two kills and was snowballing the match. Omega Esports couldn’t make a solid comeback as Bren Esports swiftly ended the match in less than 11 minutes and closed the series with a 2-1 victory.

Coach Duckey lauded KyleTzy’s progress as a Bren Esports rookie

During a post-match press conference, the teams head coach expressed his satisfaction at seeing KyleTzy’s performance in the match against Omega Esports.

“It’s actually reminiscent of KarlTzy, particularly the third game. It was a Lancelot, signature [hero] of KarlTzy. And I can see, I’m a bit teary… no I’m just kidding,” Duckey joked.

He added that he was surprised because KyleTzy’s playstyle looked similar to how KarlTzy would play Lancelot.

“I’m pretty happy with the development of the kid since it’s his first season of the MPL. I think he’s showing that it’s actually worth giving him a shot,” said Duckey.

Bren Esports is looking to keep its momentum going against Nexplay EVOS on 3rd September at 6:00 PM (PHT). Omega Esports will have a chance to redeem itself against RSG PH on 9th September at 6:00 PM (PHT).


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