Lakers’ Anthony Davis deserved better than another injury

Three thoughts on the injury to Lakers star Anthony Davis, who will reportedly miss around a month of time due to a foot injury …

1. Davis Deserves Better Than the Inevitable Criticism

You can write in ink that AD will catch heat for this foot injury. People will say they weren’t surprised. That he’s brittle. Charles Barkley will almost certainly call him “Street Clothes.” It’s a bummer, and it’s unfair to Davis, who has seemingly done everything in his power to stay on the floor this season. And more than that, Davis had returned to form after a hellish post-bubble stretch that had an unquantifiable impact on the players who made deep playoff runs. (Remember, Davis was healthy and dominant his first year in L.A. Then he had to play another season on fewer than 80 days rest. How do we know that hasn’t influenced everything that’s happened since?)


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