Leak: Free Fire’s Change Your Fate Event Revealed – Servers, Start Date, and Exciting Details

The Free Fire community is buzzing with excitement as news of an upcoming event, called Change Your Fate, has been leaked. Prominent data miners like @smarclown_, venom.ofc, and others have shared posters revealing details about this event on their Instagram handles. While leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt, the credibility of these data miners adds weight to the information. If the leaks are accurate, players can look forward to an event where they have the chance to obtain various enticing rewards at discounted prices.

Event Details and Date

According to the leaked posters, the Change Your Fate event is scheduled to begin on June 19, 2023, on the India, Bangladesh, and Singapore servers. The event is expected to run until June 25, 2023. During this time, players will have the opportunity to try their luck through spins. By participating in these spins, players may become eligible to purchase their desired items from the prize pool at discounted rates.

Refreshing the Prize Pool

In the leaked screenshot of the event interface, it is also mentioned that players will have the option to refresh the prize pool. This means that if none of the available items interest them, players can spend diamonds to refresh the pool and potentially discover more appealing rewards.

Expanding Your Collection

The event promises attractive rewards at discounted prices, providing players with a chance to enhance their in-game collection without breaking the bank. However, it’s important to approach these leaks with caution, as they may not necessarily be confirmed by the game developers. Meanwhile, players can also enjoy ongoing events such as the Spider-Verse collaboration and Luck Royale in Free Fire MAX, offering additional opportunities to acquire exciting cosmetics. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements from Garena as they continue to enrich the gameplay experience for Free Fire enthusiasts.