Legendary Entertainment Reportedly Moving Away From Its Partnership With Warner Bros. Following Recent Controversies

As HBO Max enters its second year, executives are looking to make it bigger than ever

Following recent controversies, it seems like Warner Bros. Discovery has burned various bridges with talents all across Hollywood.

With films and TV shows like Batgirl receiving the axe, creators are wary of working with the studio, as they are under the risk of being cancelled despite reaching advanced stages of production. However, it’s not just the talent that seems to be moving away from Warner Bros., as studios and film companies are taking note as well.

According to a report in The Ankler, Legendary Entertainment, the production company behind hits like Dune, Godzilla vs. Kong, Jurassic World might be looking for a new home following the expiry of its contract with Warner Bros. Discovery.

Despite collaborating on several blockbusters over the last few years, it looks like Legendary Entertainment might be looking for a new home for the company’s future release slate.

As HBO Max enters its second year, executives are looking to make it bigger than ever
Godzilla vs. Kong was one of the films that was produced as a collaboration between Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment.

At the moment, reports suggest that Legendary Entertainment is vying for a deal with either Sony or Paramount with the former being the prime candidate to replace Warner Bros. Discovery.

The production company is also in talks with Warner Bros. to continue their current relationship. However, reports reveal a move on the cards for Legendary Entertainment.

The studio’s recent troubles with the controversies caused by cancellations of films and TV projects might have been the big reason that has caused Legendary Entertainment to look for greener pastures.

While the company’s collaboration with Warner Bros. has led to hits like Dune, Legendary Entertainment wasn’t the biggest fan of the studio’s decision to release the film in theatres and HBO Max at the same time. Despite the struggles, the two parties have shaken hands on producing the sequel, which is currently being filmed for a November 2023 release.


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