Lightyear: Why Chris Evans Is Voicing Buzz Lightyear and Not Tim Allen

Lightyear Why Chris Evans Is Voicing Buzz Lightyear and Not

From the moment Pixar Animation Studios announced that they were making an origin story movie about the real Buzz Lightyear, fans of the Toy Story franchise have been kind of confused. Lightyear is the brainchild of longtime Pixar animator and director Angus MacLane, who wanted to explore what inspired the Buzz Lightyear toy that was so near and dear to Andy in the Toy Story movies. He hypothesized a film franchise akin to Star Wars in which Buzz was a real Space Ranger who has a huge cinematic adventure which was then distilled into the marketing version of Buzz which has been voiced by actor Tim Allen since 1995. MacLane's meta pitch is now the meta Pixar movie Lightyear, which arrives in theaters on June 17, 2022. IGN recently sat down with MacLane and his producer Galyn Susman to unpack the decision to cast actor Chris Evans as this iteration of Buzz Lightyear and not use Allen's voice. These interviews were conducted by IGN writer @TaraDBennett.

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