List of All Pokemon UNITE Ranks and Classes

Being familiar with the list of all Pokemon UNITE ranks is crucial if you want to be competitive and climb higher on the leaderboard. Ranked matches provide players with an environment where they can test their skills against other competitive players as they try to climb higher on the leaderboard. The skill difference between players will vary based on their rank in the game. High-ranking players are less likely to make mistakes while low-ranked players may be predictable and get easily outplayed by other players. This is why being familiar with the list of all Pokemon UNITE ranks is important so you will know what to expect once you reach a specific tier.

Complete list of Pokemon UNITE ranks and classes

There are a total of six ranks in Pokemon UNITE. Here is the list of all ranks and their respective classes;

  • Beginner Rank: 3 Classes

  • Great Rank: 4 Classes

  • Expert Rank: 5 Classes

  • Veteran Rank: 5 Classes

  • Ultra Rank: 5 Classes

  • Master Rank: No Classes

In order to participate in ranked matches, players must be Level 6 and own at least five Pokemon Licenses with them. A Fair Play score of 80 is also required to prove you have no prior violations in the game. 

In order to progress through the ranks and reach higher classes, players must accumulate Diamond Points. For each class and rank, a total of 4 Diamond Points are necessary to advance, culminating in the prestigious Master Rank – the pinnacle of the competitive hierarchy. Players’ standing is determined by their Victory Points, which have a maximum cap of 99999, ensuring they can continue to strive for higher placements in their future Ranked matches.

List of all Pokemon UNITE ranked rewards

As players reach certain ranks, they earn the following rewards;

  • Beginner Rank: 3000 Aeos Tickets

  • Great Rank: 4000 Aeos Tickets

  • Expert Rank: Season-Exclusive United Ranked Set 

  • Veteran Rank: 5000 Aeos Tickets

  • Ultra Rank: Season-Exclusive Costume

  • Master Rank (1200): Season-Exclusive Background, 1000 Aeos Tickets

  • Master Rank (1400): Season-Exclusive Frame, 1000 Aeos Tickets

  • Master Rank (1800): Season-Exclusive Sticker, 1000 Aeos Tickets