LoL Esports Season 2022 Drops and Rewards Update!

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LoL Esports Season 2022 Drops and Rewards Update! As we approach the start of the 2022 LoL Esports Season, which will feature even more leagues on (more details coming soon!), Riot Games want to share some updates! We’ll have a new set of unique emotes and icons, inspired by memes and highlights from past seasons. The new features will be rolled out gradually over the course of the 2022 competitive calendar. As they become available, other types of rewards will also be released throughout the year. Let’s check out the details.

Remember: some rewards may change depending on local regulations in each region.

LoL Esports Season 2022 – Watch and drop missions

In 2021, we took a look at community feedback and made some preliminary changes to how drops and spectate quests work, especially during Worlds 2021.

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League of Legends: LoL Esports Season 2022 Drops and Rewards Update! Check All Details

League of Legends: LoL Esports Season 2022 Drops and Rewards Update! Check All Details

In 2022, we will bring more resources to drops and, in addition, we will think of ways to reward people who can’t watch us live or who prefer to watch VODs. In the meantime, watch quests will not immediately return to the first leg of 2022, but we will be taking the drops to more leagues on

LoL Esports Season 2022:  Once you’ve logged in with your Riot ID at, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a drop when it appears. Remember: drops are random, can appear at any time and are connected to certain moments of the tournament. For example:

● Penta Kill: more chance of dropping ● Stolen objective: drop possible, but not guaranteed ● Other moments: drop possible, but not guaranteed

Drops for each league will have slightly different start dates/weeks. Also, the format, frequency and rewards may differ depending on the league and laws of each country or region.

You may not even receive drops for a few days and end up receiving more than one at once. This is normal! If you suspect something isn’t working properly, take a look at our FAQs below!

Follow your favorite league’s social media, @LoLEsports or @CBLOL on Twitter for all updates. And don’t forget: drops are only available in Riot regions.

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